Be mindful when disposing of grease this holiday season

Fellow Tiffin Residents:

We would like to take a minute of your time to remind you that as the holiday season is here, that there is a great opportunity to educate everyone on a subject that may not be that glamorous but, is none the less essential — grease. The holidays usually involve preparing a lot of food, and many of those delicious foods end up with a by-product, rendered animal fat (grease). Grease is one of the great enemies of our City’s Sewer System. We know that a pan of bacon fat seems harmless, and that it looks like it should be fine to dump down the sink drain, but unfortunately as it cools, it also solidifies, and is one of the greatest contributors to sewer blockages. Also grease can combine with other solids to form “Fat bergs” and cause larger obstructions not just in your own home, but also in the common sewer lines that service the entire city.

So, a simple, but very effective trick in fighting grease this Holiday season is this: After cooking meat, get out a ceramic bowl, and a large piece of aluminum foil. Simply place the foil into the bowl, and pour your grease and oil into the foil lined bowl. Allow the liquid grease to cool, and solidify. After cooled, simply toss the grease filled foil into your waste can, it’s easy as that! So don’t let this holiday season be a glum one, with clogged pipes! Please help us keep our Sewer collection System working properly, keep out the grease and keep Flushing!

Happy Holidays,

From The Whole Team at the Waste Water Treatment Plant:

Kevin, Dan, Carey, Steve, Gary, Chris and Nick