Title Three – Zoning Administration

1141 General Provisions

1142 Applicability

1143 Definitions

1145 Enforcement; Permits and Fees; Penalty

1147 Zoning Board of Appeals Administration

1148 Procedures and Requirement for Appeals, Variances, and Conditional Use Permits

1149 Changes and Amendments

Title Five – Zoning Districts and Regulations

1160 Districts and Boundaries

1161 R-1 Single-Family Residential District

1162 R-1-A AL Assisted Cara/Independent Living Facility District

1163 R-2 Single-Family Residential District

1164 R-3 Single-Family Residential District

1165 R-4 Multiple-Family Residential District

1167 C-1 Local Commercial District

1169 C-2 General Commercial District

1171 C-3 Central Business District

1172 MHP Manufactured Home Park District

1173 PUD Planned Unit Development District

1175 M-1 Light Industrial District

1176 M-1a Medium Industrial Manufacturing district

1177 M-2 Heavy Industrial District

Title Seven – Supplemental Zoning Regulations

1181 Height, Area Requirements, and Exceptions

1183 Off-Street Parking and Loading

1185 Supplementary District Regulations

1187 Non-Conforming Uses

1189 Maintenance of Streetscape Design and Construction

1191 Flood Plain Zoning