Public Works COVID 19 Update

Public Works-Superintendent Brandon Burner 601 Miami Street – Tiffin, Ohio 44883 419-448-5430 Fax-419-448-5436 


March 27, 2020 

“During these unique times, our Public Works Department personnel continue to maintain and repair your public infrastructure throughout town. Please practice good social distancing, and do not approach our crews.” If you have questions about one of our crew’s work in your area, please call our office at (419) 448-5430. 

We appreciate so many individuals following guidelines to remain at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, but for residents who are often at work during the day, our noise and activity may seem out of place. For example, sewer line cleaning may be audible through your connected lines and tree pruning or removal will result in several hours of activity near your residence. These instances are not cause to put either our residents or our City Employees at risk, so please defer questions to our office at (419) 448-5430. 

Thank you. 

Brandon Burner Superintendent 

Tiffin City Public Works