Enhanced 911

By dialing 9-1-1, citizens of Tiffin can contact emergency services. Callers are connected to Police, Fire and Medical Services for immediate response in an emergency.

This system is fully automated with Computer Aided Dispatching software, call identification and radio transmitting facilities.

All calls to 9-1-1 are recorded. The service is also accessible to deaf and hard of hearing persons who use teletypewriter devices (TTD’s) to communicate.


The dispatchers also use a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) computer system which allows them to see through GPS mapping where all the units are and can dispatch the closest unit(s) to an emergency call. The call is sent to the patrol cruisers via their in-car Mobile Data Terminals (MDT’s). The officers then receive all information on the call and are able to acknowledge, arrive, update and finish their call.

In addition all MDT’s have the ability to do STATE & NCIC checks on vehicles, persons, or property. Currently officers can access information directly from the in-house computer system and type reports from their patrol cruisers.

This is all accomplished through software written by Key Power and is called ProPhoenix.