The K-9 Unit is an enhanced support function for the Patrol Unit and other departmental units. The K-9 Unit’s primary functions are to respond to calls of incidents with armed or dangerous suspects, in-progress felonies, tracking missing persons or suspects, crowd control, building searches, searches for articles or evidence (including narcotics), and public demonstrations.

The K-9 Team, comprised of one handler and one dog, undergoes rigorous training before being used as a team. Once certified through the State of Ohio, the K-9 Team is subject to continual training in all areas that the team may be used.

The Tiffin Police Department K-9 Team is a Dual Purpose team, meaning they specialize in both patrol work and detection work. Patrol work includes tracking missing persons and suspects, building searches, and suspect apprehensions. Detection work includes searching for illegal narcotics.

If you would like to schedule a K-9 Demonstration for your group or organization, please contact Ofc. Jake DeMonte by email ( or phone (419-447-2323).





The Tiffin Police Department’s current K-9 is a Belgian Malinois named Andy, born March 2011. K-9 Andy is named after two fallen Ohio Officers: State Trooper Andy Baldridge and Sandusky PD Officer Andy Dunn. K-9 Andy was purchased from Mohawks Malinois in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

K-9 Andy was partnered with Officer Jake DeMonte in March 2012. They trained for 6 weeks at Lynnwoods Kennels in Fremont, Ohio. They are certified through the State of Ohio (OPOTA), and North American Police Work Dog Association (NAPWDA) in both patrol work and detection work.

K-9 Andy and Ofc. DeMonte undergo regular training to maintain proficiency in both patrol and detection work.

K-9 Andy lives with Ofc. DeMonte and his family.


PAST K-9’s

Ofc. Marquis and Cora 


Tiffin Police Department’s first K-9 Team was comprised of Ofc. Mike Marquis and K-9 Cora, a female German Shepherd. K-9 Cora was from Germany, and was brought to America to work as a Police Service Dog. They received their training at the Alabama K-9 Law Enforcement Center. They worked as a team from 1990 to 1995, when K-9 Cora was injured during a felony apprehension and could no longer work. Sadly, K-9 Cora passed away in November 1998.

In 1995, Ofc. Mike Marquis was paired with his second partner, K-9 Frits, a male Dutch Shepherd. K-9 Frits was also born in Holland and brought to America to be a Police Service Dog, and was purchased from Vohne Liche Kennels. They worked as a K-9 team until 1997, when Ofc. Marquis was assigned to the detective division. K-9 Frits was then partnered with Ofc. Dave Horn. They received 6 weeks of training at Lynnwood Kennels in Fremont Ohio. Ofc. Marquis was a trainer during Ofc. Horn’s class.

Ofc. Horn and Frits 

Ofc. Horn and K-9 Frits were partners until 2001 when K-9 Frits retired. From 2001 to 2005 K-9 Frits was a member of Ofc. Horn’s family and a beloved pet. Sadly, K-9 Frits passed away in November 2005.


In 2001, Ofc. Dave Horn was paired with his second partner, K-9 Rex, a 2 year old male Belgian Malinois. In November 2001, K-9 Rex and Ofc. Horn received a special commendation from the Chief of Police Dave LaGrange for the successful apprehension of a felony suspect.


Ofc. Horn and K-9 Rex worked as an accomplished K-9 Team until 2004 when Ofc. Horn handed over the K-9 program to Ofc. Joe Feld. Ofc. Feld and K-9 Rex worked as a K-9 Team from 2004 to 2007, until K-9 Rex’s retirement.

 Ofc. DeMonte and Tommy

In 2007, Ofc. Jake DeMonte was paired with the department’s fourth dog, K9 Tommy, a dual purpose Dutch Shepherd. K9 Tommy was purchased at Vohne Liche Kennels and was paired with Ofc. DeMonte until October 2011 when he was diagnosed with lymphoma. K9 Tommy received a Distinguished Service medal from Chief LaGrange for his numerous arrests, assists and demonstrations over the course of his career. Sadly, K9 Tommy passed away in February 2012 after succumbing to the disease.




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For Further Information About The K9 Unit, Contact:  Ofc. Jake DeMonte