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The first recorded officer duty related death dates back to October 25th, 1895. On this date a man reported to Marshal Shultz that a man was acting strange with a pistol on a farm North of Tiffin. Marshal Shultz and Patrolman Sweeney went to that location in a horse drawn buggy. As reported, Lee Martin was found in a field with a gun in his hand. Marshal SMarshal Schultzhultz approached in an attempt to talk to Martin and a scuffle ensued and shots broke out. Shultz fell to the ground mortally wounded. Patrolman Sweeney subdued Martin and placed the dying Marshal into the buggy and raced back to Tiffin. Marshal Shultz succumbed to his injuries and Martin was brought to trial on June 3rd, 1896 and Judge Schuffleburger ordered his execution by hanging for the murder. While awaiting his execution it was later changed to a sentence and it is reported that he served his sentence and was released and lived in Fostoria until he fell off a roof while repairing it and died.