In by tiffinfire

On March 29th, 1908 another in the line of duty death was recorded. Patrolman Pat Sweeney, while making his appointed rounds, happened to come across a burglary in progress. Two ladies observed Patrolman Sweeney climb the stairs of the Breckley Grocery Store at N. Washington St. and Harrison St. Shortly thereafter shots were heard coming from the store. A man was observed fleeing the store and also fired on the two ladies but missed. Patrolman Sweeney was found, felled by bullets, and was carried into Brick’s Saloon. A doctor was summoned and he advised that Patrolman Sweeney be transferred to St. Vincent’s Hospital in Toledo. Patrolman Sweeney was then taken by train to ToledoPatrolman Sweeney and surgery was performed in an attempt to save his life, but he died the next day. But before his death he gave the prosecuting attorney a statement accusing “Butch” Huffman, a felon who had recently been released from prison in Columbus, and a man that Patrolman Sweeney had sent there as the one that had shot him. Pictures of Huffman were circulated, but the man that had snuffed out the life of a veteran Policeman of thirty-four years on the Tiffin Police Department, was never found.