TPD earns Provisional Certification

Tiffin Police Department received provisional certification through the Ohio Collaborative Law Enforcement Agency Advisory Board on February 8th, 2017.

This means the police department has met the initial current standards established by the Ohio Collaborative Community – Police Advisory Board in topics of Use of Force, Use of Deadly Force, Recruiting and Hiring. There are more standards that are coming out that we will also meet and be certified on this year and next such as Communications/Dispatch training standards, Bias-Free Policing, Community Engagement and approximately about a dozen standards that all Ohio Police Agencies will have to eventually meet in the future.

Currently it is a voluntary program for police agencies but it ensures that the very best and most current standards/policies are being implemented by a police agency. This came about by the Governor’s Task Force on Policing and the need to set some statewide standards on certain policies for all police agencies. I got involved early on last year with this effort and serve on an advisory committee with the Ohio Association of Chief’s of Police that assists the Collaborative board in rolling these statewide standards out.

Our TPD mission statement states: “The Tiffin Police Department is committed to providing a safe community by controlling crime through prevention, education, and enforcement of the law”. By keeping our polices and procedures to the very best and most current standards it greatly helps us provide the quality and service that is expected of us as a public agency.

The whole department and staff are dedicated to making this happen and providing the best possible service we can to the community we are responsible to protect and serve.

I am grateful and appreciate the time and effort this took on everyone involved both externally and internally and look forward to getting officially certified when we have our onsite inspection by the Ohio Collaborative representative at the end of this month….~Chief

(History of how it came about)

In December 2014, Gov. John R. Kasich signed Executive Order 2014-06K, announcing the Ohio Task Force on Community-Police Relations (Task Force) after a series of incidents in Ohio and around the nation highlighted the challenging situations that exist in too many places between some communities and police. The task force included 24 members representing the governor, legislature, attorney general, chief justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio, local law enforcement, organized labor, local community leaders, the faith-based community, business, municipalities and prosecuting attorneys.

On April 29, 2015, after a series of public forums, the Task Force delivered its final report to the Governor, who in turn signed Executive Order 2015-04K, establishing the Ohio Collaborative Community-Police Advisory Board (Ohio Collaborative) to oversee implementation of recommendations from the Task Force.

The Ohio Collaborative, a 12-person panel, established state standards – for the first time in Ohio’s history – on August 28, 2015, for use of force including use of deadly force and agency employee recruitment and hiring that can help guide law enforcement agencies in Ohio. These new standards will hold everyone accountable and instill a greater confidence with the public. The Collaborative will work closely with our partners, including the community and law enforcement agencies, to implement the new standards. All law enforcement agencies are expected to meet or exceed these new standards as they develop policies and procedures to meet these new expectations. A report will be published by March 31, 2017, listing which agencies have adopted and fully implemented the new state minimum standards. Establishing state standards is just the first milestone for the Ohio Collaborative.