Station Tour

Our firefighters enjoy having visitors at the fire stations. It’s a great opportunity for the firefighters and public to get to know each other better. If you have a youth group, scouting club, or organization wishing to attend a station tour please complete our request form and we’ll get it scheduled. Please remember, we respond to thousands of calls for help each year. We cannot control when these calls will occur, and it may be necessary to reschedule your tour for another time. Email us at the link below or call the station at 419-448-5444 for more information.

Station Tour Request

Truck Visit

Sometimes it’s not easy to bring your group to us. In these events we may be able to come to you. Email us at the link below or call the station at 419-448-5444 and we will contact you to see what can be done.

Truck Visit Request

Fire Extinguisher Training

The Tiffin Fire/ Rescue Division trains hundreds of people in our community each year in the safe use of fire extinguishers. This training is offered free of charge to businesses, organizations, and clubs. Thanks to the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Grant, our new equipment allows for us to train inside of buildings, bringing a higher degree of realism to the experience. Email us at the link below or call the station at 419-448-5444 for more information to schedule your training.

Fire Extinguisher Training Request

Senior Fire & Fall Prevention Program

In 2016, the Tiffin Fire/ Rescue Division launched our Geriatric Fire & Fall Prevention program. This 1-hour program discusses various, simple tasks to help prevent fires, what to do if there is a fire, and how to reduce the likelihood of a fall. The goal of this program is to help reduce the number of cooking fires in our community, as well as falls, which is our most common type of EMS call. If you would be interested in having this class brought to your group, please email us at the link below or call the station at 419-448-5444. 

Senior Fire & Fall Prevention

K-5 School Program

While we continue to expand our community outreach programs, our largest fire prevention program is the K-5 School Program. This class is taught by certified Fire & Life Safety Educators who are trained in effective methods to reach each age group. Every fall, Stay Low the clown will teach hundreds of children in our community how to prevent fires and what to do if one does occur. Through partnerships with our school systems, we are given time to make sure each class is taught a progressive curriculum of fire safety.

Juvenile Firesetter Program

  •  A child who is curious about fire may be any age.
  • A child who misuses fire may be anyone’s child.
  • The Juvenile Fire Setter program is an effective intervention program for children who have shown any type of fire setting or fire play behavior.

The Tiffin Fire/ Rescue Division offers a free, confidential education program for children who show curiosity about fire or have started a fire. The Juvenile Fire Setter program engages children’s interest and is informative for caregivers. The program involves an assessment of the child’s fire safety needs, fun age-appropriate activities individualized to help your child learn about being safe around fire and information for caregivers on how to keep their whole family safe. For those children who would benefit from additional help, referrals are available for behavioral health services.
For more information about Juvenile Fire Setters, please call our business office at 419-448-5444.

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