The Finance Office consists of the Director of Finance, the Income Tax Department, the Sewer Revenue Department, Payroll, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable.

The Director of Finance is the fiscal officer of the City, directs the Finance Department, serves as financial advisor to the Mayor, Council, and City Administrator, and ensures compliance with the City Charter, State, and Federal Laws. The Director of Finance collects all taxes, assessments, and moneys due; disburses funds; invests funds; and maintains an efficient general accounting system. Prepares monthly cash basis reports distributed to Council and Department Heads.

The Director of Finance also serves as fiscal advisor to the Mayor, City Administrator, and Council; assists the Mayor in the preparation of the yearly budget, appropriation measures and statements of anticipated income. The Director of Finance is the main contact for the annual financial statement preparation in compliance with GAAP, annual external audit, and financial information used in the process of debt issuance; and assists in the development of information used to conduct wage and benefit negotiations with all collective bargaining units.

The Director of Finance is also a voting member of the Tax Incentive Review Council, the City’s Board of Control, and the City’s Records Commission.

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Department Staff

Kathy Kaufman

Kathy Kaufman

Director of Finance