City of Tiffin
Who do I call when I need a tree removed or trimmed?

Call Public Works - (419) 448-5430

How do I register for a General Contractor License with the City of Tiffin?

General contracting licenses can be completed at the link below. 

Paper forms are available upon request.

There is a $25.00 fee for the license, which can be paid by check in person or mail to Tiffin City Hall, 51 E. Market St., Tiffin, OH 44883. (There are no fees for renewing a registration unless a contractor fails to renew their registration by Jan. 31 of the following year.)

General Contractor License

Who do I call when I need a permit to add on or make a change to my building, fence, etc.?

Contact the Engineers department for permit information, (419) 448-5425

What do I do when I need to block off a street for personal business or non-personal business?

Call Public Works - (419) 448-5430

When a new business comes to town and has requirements for signs or permits to open, who do I call?

The Engineer’s office (419) 448-5425 and Fire Chief (419) 448-5444

Where do I go when I need to pay a parking ticket?

1st floor of the Police department, down the hall from the dispatch window, (419) 447-2323

Who takes care of trash and tote complaints?

City Administrator – Ordinance #521.12 stating that your tote/trash for pick-up must not be out more than 18 hours before or 18 hours after scheduled pick-up. (419) 448-5402

What do I do if normal trash/sofas/etc. Is laying in the city right of way or personal property?

City Administrator – violation of City Ordinance No. #521.11. Which states 5 business days from date of posting this must be cleaned up or the City will clean-up at owners expense. (419) 448-5402

Who do I call when my neighbors weeds/or grass (with maximum height of 6") are too high?

Call Public Works - (419) 448-5430

Violation of City Ordinance No. #521.11. Which states 5 business days from date of posting this must be cleaned up or the City will clean-up at owners expense.

Who do I call when I am having problems with my neighbor and concerns over parking or them parking in the front yard or the wrong way?

Police Department (419) 447-2323

What does the city do when there are no house numbers on properties making it unacceptable or unsafe if there is a problem that they are in need of emergency services?

This is City Ordinance No. #903.05. Contact the Police Department 419-447-2323.

What do I do when I find dog feces and know that it is not being cleaned up and who is responsible?

Police Department – City Ordinance No. 505.08. (419) 447-2323

Who do I call for questions about the exterior property maintenance code?

Zoning Inspector – (419) 448-5425. City Ordinance No. 1305.07-1305.12.

Who do I call when I find a bad sidewalk and who is responsible?

City Engineer – (419) 448-5425

How do I obtain a Mobile Food Vendor’s (Food Truck) license or reserve a spot in one of the City’s designated areas?

Mobile Food Vendors must obtain a license and apply for a permit to utilize any of the City’s designated Mobile Food Vendor locations. For questions, call Tiffin City Hall at (419) 448-5401.

Where can I view information on the different boards/commissions?

The City of Tiffin has 17 citizen-led boards and commissions that help to provide guidance and move projects forward in our community. Committee members are appointed by the Mayor or President of City Council to serve in those functions.

In addition, there are various boards that are made up of members of the City of Tiffin Administration and staff and City employees or appointees also serve on a number of boards in Seneca County or through the State of Ohio.


How do I make a records request?

In accordance with the Ohio Revised Code, all offices of The City of Tiffin comply with Open Records & Records Retention Provisions. Copies of these policies are available for inspection in the Mayor's Office.

City of Tiffin Public Records Policy

To file a records request, please contact the Mayor’s Office at (419) 448-5401 or by email to

For Police Records, contact or make an in-person request 8 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Monday-Friday.

For Fire Department Records, fill out a records request form or call (419) 448-5444.

What is the current weather emergency?

Snow Emergency Levels are county-wide and set by the Seneca County Sheriff. To receive emergency alerts to your mobile device, sign up for the Seneca County Wireless Emergency Notification System (WENS) by texting SenecaAlerts! to 69310 or clicking this link.

Parking is restricted on designated streets during snow emergencies or when snow exceeds two inches (Ord. 303.08-A). These restrictions are announced by the Mayor and are in place to allow for snow plows to more easily clear the roads.

As much as possible, regular updates on inclement weather will be posted to the City’s Social Media channels and can be found at the Seneca County Sheriff’s Facebook Page.

What is the current COVID-19 Community Level?

Seneca County’s COVID-19 Community Level is set by the Seneca County General Health District.