Originally designated as the City of Tiffin Service Department Garage, Tiffin’s Public Works Department was formed in 1953 when Mayor Charles Dedrick appointed Francis Staib as its first Superintendent.

Our team of construction and maintenance professionals are charged with caring for our existing sewers, streets, signs and signals, bridges, culverts, and public ways. The Public Works team maintains a small, competent staff with a fleet of equipment to complement the tasks at hand. We take pride in our City and our work, and we encourage residents to stop by our building or call for concerns or questions about our public infrastructure.


The Tiffin Public Works Department is a safe, professional, and proficient organization, trained and equipped to proactively maintain the City’s infrastructure, improve living conditions for residents and visitors, and, as needed, respond to emergencies.


Work orders are executed on a priority basis, and they originate both internally and from our engaged citizens.  If you identify a potential concern, please gather as much information about the issue as you can and give us a call at 419-448-5430.  Outside of our business hours (7a-3p) feel free to leave a message or, for more immediate after-hours concerns, contact the Tiffin Police Desk (419-447-2323).  You may also email us at [email protected].


For residents and property owners planning to conduct work in the City’s Right of Way, approval is needed through the City Engineer.  Our department serves as the Engineer’s designated representative to approve and inspect smaller projects of this nature (e.g. sidewalk replacement, drainage tile installation near the street, etc.).  The City’s ordinances allow for residents to secure a Right of Way (“Street Cut”) Permit through a cash bond for work in the right of way that abuts their own property If you would like to perform this kind of work, please contact our office with your proposed work.  We can process these permits, which are $5.00 for each occurrence with a $250 cash bond (to be returned to the permittee upon satisfactory restoration of the right of way).

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