Tiffin Fire & Rescue Division is proud to give back to the community through a variety of outreach and education programs.

Since 1894, the Tiffin Fire Department has provided full-time protection to the City of Tiffin. In 1997, EMS was merged creating the Fire/Rescue Division. At full staffing, there are 36 firefighters and two chief officers, holding a minimum manning of nine firefighters on-duty. The majority of our firefighters are paramedics and certified fire safety inspectors. Many are trained to the level of Haz-Mat Technicians. Several have training on technical rescues.

We provide our services based out of two fire stations. Station 1, located in the heart of downtown, houses one engine, a ladder truck, two ambulances, a rescue boat, administrative offices, and support vehicles. Station 2 can be found in the north end of our city. It is located between two major industrial areas and houses a quint, a reserve engine, and an ambulance. In 2021, our personnel responded to 3,500 calls for emergency services, nearly 10 calls a day.


The Mission of the Tiffin Fire and Rescue Division is to protect life and property through dedicated and professional fire and EMS services.


Building on this mission, the membership was asked to identify philosophy and goal statements, thus establishing targets of excellence for the future.


The primary goal of the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is to assure that our personnel provide excellent emergency pre-hospital medical treatment and transportation to the public in order to reduce morbidity and mortality. We strive to deliver patients to definitive care in a timely and fiscally responsible manner.

The EMS medical direction is provided through the Northwest Ohio EMS Consortium (NWOEMS) to design and train for programs which comply with legal mandates, health issues, and minimization of legal liabilities. We are recognized by the State of Ohio as a continuing education site, which allows us to provide the ongoing training to our members necessary for recertification.

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Rob Chappell

Rob Chappell