As temperatures rise and outdoor activities increase, The City of Tiffin is emphasizing pedestrian safety and compliance with Under-Speed and Utility Vehicle ordinances. To uphold sidewalk safety, residents should note that electric scooters, ATVs, golf carts, and electric bicycles are prohibited on sidewalks, except for e-bikes solely powered by the rider without use of the motor (City of Tiffin Ordinance 331.37).

Under-speed and utility vehicles must undergo inspection and licensing by the Tiffin Police Department. Appointments with the Chief of Police are mandatory, and the $25 registration fee is payable at the time of initial inspection. While annual inspections are not required, vehicles must be registered annually, accompanied by the initial approval checklist. A $10 re-registration fee applies, and an updated identification sticker will be issued. This must be prominently displayed on the rear of the vehicle.

Make an appointment for your golf cart or other vehicle here.

View the list of requirements your vehicle must have before passing inspection here.

Additional information is available at Non-compliance with these regulations not only poses risks to pedestrians but may also incur penalties for operators. Residents seeking further details on sidewalk usage and motorized vehicle regulations are encouraged to visit or contact the City of Tiffin Police Department at 419-447-2323.