Registration for the upcoming Appliance and Tire Collection with the Ottawa Sandusky Seneca Solid Waste District is open and will remain open until June 12th. In an effort to keep harmful materials out of local landfills, the Ottawa Sandusky Seneca Solid Waste District holds these special collection events for residents to properly dispose of unwanted materials. These materials are grouped into four main categories: Electronics, Tires, Appliances, and Household Hazardous Waste (HHW). These collections are for all residents of Ottawa, Sandusky, and Seneca Counties, including all residents of Bellevue and Fostoria. Businesses and institutions are not accepted at these collections.

Residents who participate in the Appliance Collection will be able to drop off their household appliances, including but not limited to microwaves, washers, dehumidifiers, fridges, and freezers, as well as most household items made primarily out of steel. Not accepted at the Appliance Collection are televisions, computers, plastic fans, and vacuum cleaners. Fridges and freezers with food still inside them will also not be accepted. The Appliance Collection will come with no charge for residents.

However, there will be a cost for participating in the Residential Tire Collection. For the Residential Tire Collection, there will be a charge of $1 per tire for standard car and small truck tires, and $3 for racing tires. Tires will be accepted on or off the rim at the same cost. For those with farming implement tires, please call OSS Recycling Specialist Jim Darr for a special farm tire collection at 419-334-7222 extension 2. Fostoria residents will also have their own tire collection opportunity; for more information on that collection, Fostoria residents are encouraged to go to or call 419-435-8282 ext. 103.

In an effort to be prepared with the right amount of supplies and workers for each collection, The District will continue to enforce that residents pre-register for each collection. Registration can be done online at, or by calling The District at 419-334-7222 ext. 0 and following the prompt provided. There will be locations in all three counties for residents to participate in these collections. Information specific to all of The District’s special collections, including dates, times, and locations, can be found while registering.

In the fall, there will be the Household Hazardous Waste collection with registration for that starting September 1st. There will only be one collection date for each of the special collections offered by The District. This makes registration vital for the 2024 collections to ensure your spot in the collection. Remember, if a resident does not register, they will be unable to participate in the collection.

If you have any recycling questions, you can always reach out to The District, and they would be happy to help you with proper disposal methods. You can contact The OSS Solid Waste District by calling 419-334-7222 or emailing [email protected].
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