Seneca County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) announces its participation in the statewide tornado drill organized by the Ohio Emergency Management Agency (EMA) on March 20, 2024, at 9:50 AM. This drill aims to bolster community readiness and response capabilities in the event of severe weather emergencies.

As part of this initiative, residents, businesses, and institutions across Seneca County are encouraged to actively engage in the tornado preparedness exercise. The drill will simulate real-life tornado scenarios, allowing participants to practice their emergency response procedures, including seeking shelter and communication protocols.

In collaboration with local authorities, the Seneca County EMA emphasizes the importance of preparedness and urges all citizens to take this opportunity to review and refine their emergency plans. By participating in the statewide tornado drill, communities can enhance their resilience and ability to mitigate the impact of severe weather events.

"Emergency preparedness is paramount to safeguarding our community members during times of crisis," said John Spahr, Director of Seneca County Emergency Management Agency. "By participating in this statewide tornado drill, we aim to raise awareness, test our emergency procedures, and ensure that Seneca County remains resilient in the face of severe weather threats."

During the drill, residents are advised to:

  1. Identify designated shelter areas within their homes, workplaces, and schools.

  2. Practice the "Drop, Cover, and Hold On" technique to protect themselves during a tornado.

  3. Test communication channels and emergency notification systems.

  4. Follow guidance from local authorities and stay informed about weather updates.

Seneca County EMA encourages all residents to share their participation in the tornado drill on social media using the hashtag #SenecaTornadoDrill to promote community-wide awareness and preparedness.

For more information about the statewide tornado drill and emergency preparedness resources, please contact the Seneca County EMA at or 419.447.0266 ext. 6710.

About Seneca County Emergency Management Agency (EMA): Seneca County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) is responsible for coordinating emergency preparedness, response, and recovery efforts to protect the residents and assets of Seneca County, Ohio. Through collaboration with local, state, and federal partners, Seneca County EMA works to enhance community resilience and mitigate the impact of natural and man-made disasters.

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John Spahr


Seneca County Emergency Management Agency 

419-447-0266 ext. 6710