Project partially funded by the Tiffin Community Foundation

The city engineers office has announced the completion of the South River Road Trail Overlook project, which included tree removal, removal of an existing failing railing and concrete pad, installation of new pad with decorative steel cable railing, and grading. Reseeding of the grassy areas will be completed in the Fall of this year.

The project was completed in two phases, the first taking place in 2020 with the construction of a cul-de-sac on South River Road and conversion of the northern portion of the roadway into a trail. This project promotes a safer pedestrian route for Tiffin Middle School students and builds on the city’s trail system. The project aims to reduce the amount of illegal activity in the area and the amount of future road maintenance costs in an area prone to flooding. 

City Engineer Matt Watson stated “This continued investment towards the city’s trail system will continue to develop another destination within our community which further promotes the Sandusky Scenic River while also benefiting economic development and quality of life. This project would not have been possible without the support of the Public Works Department, Clouse Construction Corporation, the Tiffin Community Foundation and R Investments LLC.”

Tiffin City Council also recently passed legislation approving the installation of two street lights on existing American Electric Power (AEP) poles in the vicinity of the new overlook and City Administration is currently working to coordinate the installation of this new lighting.