Individuals or groups, including the Downtown Tiffin Main Street Committees, wishing to conduct events (with the exception of parades) on City of Tiffin property must obtain a permit for the event by making application to the City Administrator (Chapter 903.06, Codified Ordinances of Tiffin Ohio) using the prescribed application form. Permits for parades or processions (other than a funeral procession) can be obtained from the Tiffin Police Department.

For events other than parades, an event organizer must submit a completed application to the City Administrator’s office at least 45 days prior to the event date. All applications for permits may be reviewed with the sponsoring event organizer and members of the Traffic Safety Committee, which meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month. Incomplete applications, or those not submitted within the time frame, may not be approved.

Any amendments to the application following the meeting of the Traffic Safety Committee will be at the discretion of the City Administrator.

Downtown committees wishing to sponsor an event in the downtown area must first coordinate the submission of their application with the Tiffin Seneca Economic Partnership (TSEP), a representative of which shall review all applications for completeness and submit it to the City Administrator.

Events which are planned to occur in any of the City’s parks must coordinate the submission of their application with the Director of Parks and Recreation, who can approve all such applications only if the event takes place fully within the boundaries of the park. Questions regarding can be directed to or by phone at (419) 448-5408. Otherwise, such applications must be forwarded to the City Administrator with a recommendation.

The application for an event can be obtained online at or by contacting the City Administrator’s office at or by phone at 419-448-5402.


A permit for a parade, assemblage or procession can be obtained by contacting the Tiffin Police Department at or by phone at (419) 447-2323.

Parade Permit

2022 Memorial Day Parade