The City of Tiffin Mayor's Office occasionally issues proclamations to recognize organizations, individuals/teams, and causes, and that have a direct and specific benefit to the citizenry of Tiffin. Proclamation requests must follow the general guidelines listed below which are subject to change. Please note city officials do not search for proclamation topics and generally all proclamations issued are done so via specific request.

Requests must be made in writing (direct mail or email) no less than 30 days prior to the date or event for which the proclamation has been requested. This is subject to change depending upon availability of the Mayor's Office.

  • Requests should be submitted by organizational leader, board chair, immediate family member, or member of Tiffin City Council.
  • Requests should include significant detail about the event, organization, person, etc, for which the proclamation is to be issued. In most cases, the entity or person requesting the proclamation should provide a sample proclamation, if available.
  • Requests must not be contrary to existing law, statutes, ordinances, and/or general rules of the City of Tiffin, State of Ohio, or United States Federal Government.
  • Proclamations are for the purpose of encouraging positive, uplifting awareness of organizations and individuals/teams, and causes. Therefore proclamations seeking to overturn existing laws or proclamations that may bring negative consequences to the city will not be issued.
  • For proclamations honoring individuals, the person or persons should be in good standing in the community and not have pending or imminent felony level legal action against them.
  • The Mayor has the final and sole determination as to whether the proclamation will be issued in accordance with the above stated policy.

To submit a proclamation request, please email Liz Croak, Director of Communications and Constituent Services at  and copy the Mayor at Mail requests should be submitted to the below mentioned address.

Mayor's Office
51 E. Market Street,
Tiffin, OH 44883