The Parks & Recreation Department maintains approximately 200 acres of public parkland, creating 18 parks for the citizens of Tiffin and its visitors to enjoy.

Each park is unique in its natural features, landscape, facilities and opportunities for recreation. Whether you are looking for a quiet place to enjoy nature or a great place to play a game of softball, you’ll be sure to find it in Tiffin’s parks.

Bridge at Hedges-Boyer Park
Apple-Jack Park Apple-Jack Park
Beechwood Park Beechwood Park
Clouse-Kirian Leadership Park Clouse-Kirian Leadership Park
Hedges-Boyer Park Hedges-Boyer Park
Highland Park Highland Park
Josiah Hedges Park Josiah Hedges Park
Junior Home Park Junior Home Park
Kernan Park Kernan Park
Lions Club Park Lions Club Park
Louisa K. Fast Park Louisa K. Fast Park
Nature Trails Park playground Nature Trails Park
Oakley Park aerial Oakley Park
Riverview Park Riverview Park
Rotary Club Park Rotary Club Park
Schekelhoff Park sign Schekelhoff Park
Stalter Park Stalter Park