Our department has 37 employees which includes 3 Lieutenants, 6 Sergeants, 3 Detectives, 15 Officers, 7 Dispatchers and 3 Clerks.

Five of our employees have served over 25 years and nine employees have served over 15 years. Our department’s average years of service is 11.5 years.


Our dispatchers answered 4,351 9-1-1 calls in 2020. They also answered 18,916 phone calls outside of those 911 calls.

As a unit, our dispatchers have over 40 years of combined experience and dispatch for both Tiffin Police and Tiffin Fire & Rescue. They have completed over 80 hours of advanced training including certifications in Police, Fire & Emergency Medical Dispatch.

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The K-9 Unit is an enhanced support function for the Patrol Unit and other departmental units. The K-9 Unit’s primary functions are to respond to calls of incidents with armed or dangerous suspects, in-progress felonies, tracking missing persons or suspects, crowd control, building searches, searches for articles or evidence (including narcotics), and public demonstrations.

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SRT is an acronym for Special Response Team. The team consists of specially trained officers from other sections within the police department. They respond to seven main categories of calls:

  • Assist Other Jurisdictions
  • Barricaded subjects – Armed subject(s) barricaded against arrest
  • Heavy Arrest – Arrest of multiple armed felons in a fortified location
  • High Risk Drug Search
  • Warrants
  • Hostage Situations
  • Sniper
  • Special Circumstances (Riot suppression, etc.)

The Tiffin Police Department SRT Team was formed in the fall of 1990 and formally incorporated into department functions in January 1991. The team handles high risk calls that are not otherwise handled by patrol.

The CNT Team is separate from the SRT Team but works closely with them.

CNT is an acronym for Crisis Negotiation Team and was formed in 1994. The team is made up of officers specially trained in the area of negotiations and have attended basic and advanced hostage negotiation courses. The CNT works closely with the SRT Team and are called out to some SRT calls. The CNT deals with the following categories of calls:

  • Barricaded Criminal Suspects
  • Barricaded Suicidal Subjects
  • Hostage Situations
  • Other incidents which require trained negotiators

When a line supervisor requests the SRT or CNT Team they are paged out and respond to the situation at hand. SRT and CNT are support units for the Patrol Division.


Tiffin Police Department is a participating member of the Seneca County Drug Task Force. The task force is a collaborative effort of local law enforcement agencies including the Tiffin Police Department, Seneca County Sheriff’s Office, Fostoria Police Department, BCI&I and an intelligence agent from the Ohio National Guard. In 2020, the task force moved into a new space within the TPD building.