The best way to fight fires is to prevent them before they start. Routine building inspections are one of the most effective ways to do just that. Fire Inspectors inspect all commercial buildings and multi-family housing (three or more units) every year in the City of Tiffin. The purpose of the inspections is twofold:

  • To identify and correct violations of the fire code, and
  • To educate business and property owners about fire safety

We do work with businesses by offering walk-throughs to discuss their operations and provide feedback on what the fire code requires. In cases of a commercial building being constructed or renovated, we provide a plan review service which helps address fire code issues early on while changes have less financial impact. As construction progresses, we also will conduct testing on sprinkler and alarm systems, culminating with the final occupancy inspection at the project’s completion. If you have questions about the process or need to schedule an appointment, please contact our business office at 419-448-5444.

Be Safe In Your Home

The Tiffin “Be Safe in Your Home” program was established in 2017 to serve the residents of our city. The vast majority of structure fires that occur within the United States occur in residential occupancies. Often, these fires resulted from factors such as unattended cooking, candle use, improper use of heating devices and careless smoking.

Education is the key to home fire prevention. Using established guidelines from NFPA 1452, our fire prevention personnel are equipped to offer guidance and suggestions to increase safety from both fire and falls inside private residences. Upon request, the Tiffin Fire/ Rescue Division will conduct a walk-through of your home to identify conditions that could contribute to a fire while providing valuable safety information.

During our visit, we will focus on:

  • Smoke alarms
  • Storage of materials
  • Use of space heaters
  • Extension cords
  • Home escape planning

To schedule a fire safety walk through at your home, please contact our business office at 419-448-5444.

Home Safety Checklist