Ride along liability release form 

Ride along as an observer in City of Tiffin Emergency vehicles 

Ride Along Form

Business Fire Safety Inspection Checklist

As businesses prepare for annual inspections, the Tiffin Fire/Rescue Division has provided this helpful checklist of common hazards.

Fire Safety Checklist


Public Records Request

The Tiffin Fire/Rescue Division is dedicated to providing the highest quality of customer service in accordance with Ohio’s Public Records Act. Your records request is not required to be in writing, nor is it required that your name or intended use of the requested records be disclosed.

Tiffin Fire/Rescue Division Public Records Request Form

Record(s) not available:

  • Record has never been maintained by the City
  • Record is no longer maintained or has been disposed of or transferred pursuant to RC-2
  • Record is prohibited from release due to the following State or Federal Law:
    • Peace officer, firefighter, EMT, employee residential and familial information or photographs
      O.R.C. §149.43(A)(1)(p); State ex rel. Plain Dealer Publishing Company v. Cleveland, 106 Ohio St.3d 70; State ex rel. Dispatch Printing Company v. Johnson, 106 Ohio St.3d 160
    • Social Security Numbers
      5 U.S.C.A. §552a; State ex rel. Beacon Journal Publ. Co. v. City of Akron (1994), 70 Ohio St.3d 605
    • Medical Records*
      O.R.C. §149.43(A)(1)(a) and (A)(3)
    • Trial Preparation Records
      O.R.C. §149.43(A)(1)(g) and (A)(4)
    • Confidential Law Enforcement Investigatory Records
      O.R.C. §149.43(A)(1)(h) and (A)(2)
    • Security or Infrastructure Records (please indicate)
      O.R.C. §149.433
    • Records Concerning Recreational Activities of People Under Age 18
      O.R.C. §149.43(A)(1)(r); State ex. Rel. McCleary v. Roberts (2000), 88 Ohio St.3d 365
    • Trade Secrets
      O.R.C. §122.36; O.R.C. §1333.61(D)
    • Confidential Financial Information
      O.R.C. §166.05; O.R.C. §921.04(B)
    • Tax Information
      O.R.C. §718.13, §5703.21(A), §5709.081(D), §5711.10, §5711.101, §5715.50, §5747.18(C)
    • Attorney-Client Privilege
      O.R.C. §2317.02
    • State or Federal Privacy Requirements
      State of Ohio Constitution; United States Constitution; State ex. Rel. McCleary v. Roberts (2000), 88 Ohio St.3d 365.
  • Record(s) contained non-releasable material that has been visibly redacted in accordance with State or Federal Law

* You (or your authorized representative) have the right to inspect or obtain a copy of your protected health information (“PHI”) that we maintain in a designated record set. If we maintain your PHI in electronic format, then you also have a right to obtain a copy of that information electronically. In addition, you may request that we transmit a copy of your PHI directly to another person and we will honor that request when required by law to do so. Requests to transmit PHI to another party must be in writing, signed by you (or your representative), and clearly identify the designated person to whom the PHI should be sent, and where the PHI should be sent.

Tiffin Fire/Rescue Division Patient Request for Access to Protected Health Information

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